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Инди студия Catland выпускает прототип Starship Saboteur вдохновленный Hitman

This game prototype features one full mission from the final game with one faction. Infiltrate the Magellan and take out its captain using stealth or your weaponry. Sabotage the teleporters, go for the windows to space enemies out or cause an enemy faction invasion! Made in just 16 weeks with a small team of six, this prototype is released for free to everyone. Make sure to fill the survey featured in-game if you wish to see this as a full game!

End a galactic war by picking the losing side

You are the Starship Saboteur, and together with your crew you must end a galactic war by taking down massive starships from within. Buy your arsenal from the Black Market and use your cunning or your trigger finger to either take down targets unseen or cause chaos aboard unique spaceships full of challenge and opportunity.

After a catastrophic event kills your friends and destroys your starship, you decide to end the war between factions by any means necessary. Gathering a motley crew of misfits, you patch together your old ship. The Scrapheap and her crew are focused on a singular goal: taking out the war machines fueling the galactic conflict from within.

Inspired by stealth game classics such as Hitman and Deus Ex, while paying homage to Hotline Miami and similar topdown shoot’em’ups for a perfect blend of stealth, action and player choice.

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The prototype features one ship, the Magellan, with objectives that can be completely either guns blazing or stealthing it up.

You can sabotage full parts of the ship – go for the lights and watch enemies scramble after you in the dark. Disable the shields to cause an opposing faction to invade! Or raid the armory to get the upper hand on enemies.

Cause chaos by depressurizing entire sections of the ship by shooting out windows and throwing black hole grenades.

Want to go full pacifist? Drag the captain to an escape pod and launch it to demoralize the crew and win the scenario for the Technocrats. The choice is yours.

The Faction War System

The factions of Starship Saboteur are:

The Celestial Collective, a Federation-style huge bureaucracy with an iron grip on the galaxy by sheer manpower alone.

The Technocrats, remote controlled VR drone army bankrolled by VCs and supercapitalists of the future.

The Renegades, a Firefly-esque faction of space raiders and colonists banded together by a strong leader figure.

The final game will have a full campaign where each target you sabotage affects a galaxy-wide war. You could take out any of the three factions through the Faction War system, where targets you attack make the other factions stronger.

The idea is FTL-like replayability; as you have to always choose between 3 targets, you will miss out on 2 ships per mission everytime. You will go through your first campaign seeing only 1/3 of the levels available in the entire game, so you have incentive to go and replay the game and try other approaches and see all-new levels!

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A prototype built in 16 weeks

The third game from Catland, the Starship Saboteur prototype was built from the ground up in a very short time. It features one full mission, all playstyles, 10 weapons and gadgets, 5 enemy types and a lot of replay value.

The prototype itself is a bit janky and buggy, but it has most of the major features included.

We are releasing it for free! We would love to work on it further, but we need to find some funding and a publisher first.

Download the prototype for free on itch.io

System Requirements: i5 or equivalent processor and Nvidia Geforce 1060 GTX or equivalent graphics card recommended.

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