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R6 community disappointed with bug-riddled Road To S

R6 community disappointed with bug-riddled Road To S.I. Battle Pass

Published: 15/Jan/2020 23:23

With the Six Invitational around the corner, Ubisoft has released their annual Road To S.I. event, featuring a ton of in-game rewards and a new map, and while most of the community is happy with what’s on offer, numerous bugs have made the event a hassle.

The Six Invitational starts on February 7, with 16 of the best R6 teams from around the world colliding in Montreal to battle for millions of dollars in prizes.

To help bolster the prize pool and get players excited, Ubisoft puts on the Road To S.I. event, usually featuring a new game mode and rewards.

They also chucked in a battle pass for 2020, and while it’s gotten players interested, some are disappointed with the amount of bugs hindering progress ⁠— right from the moment you first purchase the cosmetics-based addon.

The Rainbow Six Road To S.I. Battle Pass for 2020 has three pricing tiers: you can get the base levels for free, pay 1200 credits to unlock more levels, or pay 2400 credits to fast track your progress.

It’s discounted for Year 4 Pass owners, who can save 30% on purchasing both the Premium Track and Premium Bundle Battle Passes.

However, players looking to buy the Battle Pass with credits have been struggling to do so, with massive delays in the in-game currency being added to player’s accounts. Some players have been waiting upwards of four hours.

Ubisoft is aware of the issue and has asked for players to wait for up to 24 hours for their purchase to appear.

We are investigating reports of in-game purchases not being delivered in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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Please allow up to 24 hours for your purchase to appear on your account before reaching out to us.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

On top of that, progression in-game is not showing up correctly in the Battle Pass menu. This leaves players getting stuck on some levels of the pass, not able to progress and continue getting the awards.

However, Ubisoft has explained that this bug is “only a visual issue,” and have aimed to get a fix out over the coming days.

Outside of the bugs, players are generally happy with the event. The premium Battle Pass gives players access to a bunch of exclusive cosmetics, including skins for Mozzie, Caveira, Blitz, Hibana, Sledge, and Thermite.

The Stadium map, set in Greece, has also been praised. It introduces new surfaces like bulletproof windows, which allows you to see enemies rotate around but not shoot them, with players asking Ubisoft to add it to regular rotation.

“They need to make the map permanent,” said Reddit user ‘MaggieEsmeralda.’

If you want to jump in on the action but are concerned about the bugs, you can start your pass for free, then buy it later to unlock all the rewards retroactively.

New Rainbow Six Siege defender Aruni revealed: gadget, guns, release date

Published: 8/Nov/2020 18:50 Updated: 8/Nov/2020 18:54

Rainbow Six: Siege is adding a new defender, Aruni, to its ever-growing operator roster in Operation Neon Dawn, Ubisoft has confirmed. Here’s everything we know about Team Rainbow’s latest recruit, including her abilities, release date, and more.

Operation Neon Dawn is now on the horizon. The final update of Year 5 in Rainbow Six is set to be a big one, debuting the Skyscraper rework, as well as the final new operator for the year: defender Aruni.

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The leaks have been plentiful for Aruni, but as of November 8, everything is locked in. The Thai defender is set to shake up the meta with her Surya gates slowing down attackers on their entry into sites.

She also packs a punch, being the first defender to have a DMR in their arsenal. Here’s everything we know about Aruni, including how her kit works, and when you can get your hands on her.

Aruni, a new Defender, is coming to #RainbowSixSiege and she’s bringing the heat. Tune in during the EU Major to watch the full Operation Neon Dawn reveal live at https://t.co/q7A3z2vvlE. pic.twitter.com/KfM6YsGYQJ

Дополнительные бонусы:

Помимо нового события и боевого пропуска, каждый пользователь, зашедший в Rainbow Six Siege во время проведения события Road to S.I. 2020 получает универсальную раскраску “Road to S.I.” (получить её можно в разделе Награды Club в приложении Uplay).

Само же событие началось 15 января и будет длится 5 недель, вплоть до 16 февраля – окончания чемпионата мира.

Боевой пропуск:

Вместе с приходом нового события в игре появился первый полноценный боевой пропуск, полностью посвящённый будущему чемпионату мира.

Всего в боевом пропуске 35 уровней и две ветки наград: бесплатная и платная. Первая доступна каждому пользователю R6, вторая открывается только после покупки оного. В бесплатной линии игрокам доступны некоторые элементы кастомизации, альфа паки и ускорители очков славы. Частота получения наград в ней составляет примерно раз в 2-3 уровня.

В платной ветке игрокам доступны все остальные наборы кастомизации, уникальный набор костюма для Sledge, а также 600R6 кредитов (50% от стоимости самого БП). Отличием от бесплатной ветки являются R6 кредиты и частота получения наград: каждый уровень платной линии содержит приз.

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Правила прокачки БП:

Чтобы получать награды, необходимо получать уровни, на которых доступны эти награды. Уровни достигаются путём набора нужного количества батлпоинтов, заработать которые можно только в сетевых режимах игры.

  • Раунд выигран – 60 очков;
  • Матч выигран – 120 очков;
  • Матч проигран – 100 очков;
  • 25% бонуса к набраным очкам при игре в Без рейтинговый / Рейтинговый режимы;
  • 30% бонус к очкам за обладание сезонного пропуска.

Помимо этого, каждый игрок может выполнять уникальные персональные задания и задания сообщества БП для получения ещё большего количества батлпоинтов.

Начисление очков не производится при преждевременном выходе из матча, кике из него, капитуляции и бездействие.

Aruni guns: Mk 14 EBR, P10 Roni

Aruni’s arsenal will contain the P10 Roni and the MK14 EBR. This is no joke for a defender ⁠— Mozzie’s P10 Roni is one of the strongest SMGs you can take, and the MK14 EBR is the first DMR available to defenders.

The sights at her disposal means she can’t take long range fights too much ⁠— it maxes out at 1.5x scope ⁠— but the stopping power is incredible. She also has access to the PRB92 sidearm, as well as Barbed Wire and Bulletproof Cameras as her true secondary gadgets.

Aruni will be released as part of Operation Neon Dawn. Aside from her debut and the Skyscraper rework, meta operators Jager, Hibana, and Echo are set for big changes, and other quality of life improvements are on the way

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